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What is CADDi Drawer?

CADDi Drawer, designed to support digital transformation (DX) in the manufacturing industry, is a unique AI-enabled search platform to centralize drawings in one platform regardless of format with proprietary image-analysis algorithms (patent pending). Through high-precision similarity searches on the most important digital asset in manufacturing, drawings, it enables cost reduction in design, procurement, and production departments.

  • CADDi Drawer's proprietary feature
  • Co-pilot Utilization Support Program

Similar Drawing Search

Our proprietary image analysis algorithm, currently under patent application, searches for drawings with similar shapes, which allows us to search beyond the text itself. From the characteristics of the shape, we detect and display similar drawings regardless of formats.

Similar Drawing Search

Automatic Drawing Analysis

Automatically digitizes text information (part names/materials/suppliers, etc ) within registered drawings for immediate searchability and exportability to Excel

Automatic Drawing Analysis

Automatically Link Purchase History

Order history auto-linking in batches using CSV or similar formats based on drawing's attribute values. This allows for consolidated access to both drawing information and order price along with supplier details.

Automatically Link Purchase History
List of features

What You Can Achieve with CADDi DRAWER:Benefits

  • DesignDesign

    Search time reduction


  • ProcurementProcurement

    Cost reduction


  • ProductionProduction

    CAM development time reduction


Feature updates

CADDi DRAWER is continuously updated to enhance value

  • Share button for drawings

  • Remark column link displays

  • Search result highlights

  • Image search in JPEG

  • Drawing rotation display

  • Keyword filter for similar drawing search

  • Similar drawing search and differential display

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