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CADDi Drawer leverages AI to convert drawings and supply chain information into digital format, utilizing historical data to cut manufacturing expenses by choosing the best suppliers and enhancing overall process efficacy.

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From what would usually take one to two hours to complete an extensive quote brings it down to an average hour. The ease of searching using key words also makes it seamless for me to maintain positive workflow. Additionally, I really appreciate the immediate customer support provided as it allows me to adjust or easily integrate quickly with the system.

Ryan S.

"Excellent help in developing a new and streamline searching system." I enjoy the enthusiasm from the team to get all kinds of feedback positive and negative so that their interface can be maximized to the greatest potential. CADDi helps us with being able to quickly narrow in on prior works that we as a company might have taken on before or find similar pieces to that we are looking for.

Chase B.

With similarity search, we can check if costs make sense and find reusable parts, which helps us cut down on making new drawings and estimate costs better.

Tsuyoshi S.

Being able to quickly search for similar drawings among a huge collection of drawings is super handy, and it is also great that it highlights the differences between them.

Keisou I.

I typically handle design work and often find myself needing to search for drawings. In the past, looking for drawings used to take up a lot of my time because I was mostly searching on memory. However, thanks to the keyword search and similar shape search features of Drawer, I can find old drawings a lot faster. This system has definitely made me more efficient.

Hikaru K.
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CADDi Drawer transformed our workflow, saving us time and boosting efficiency

Ryan Kristoffer Samin
Sales Engineer at Hilltop

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