Assetize your drawings and supply chain data

#1 Drawings Search Software to Optimize Procurement

Optimize Procurement
Improve Quotations
Standardize Design

What is CADDi Drawer

CADDi Drawer leverages AI to digitize drawings and procurement data, making manufacturing insights searchable by shape, text, dimensions and part names
  • Supplier Selection for Procurement
  • Faster Quotation for Sales
  • Design Standardization for Engineers
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Key Features: Your Search, Your Value

Digitization of Drawings

Batch upload all 2D drawings to centralize all manufacturing insights in one system
  • Automatically extract all data from drawings, including dimensions, texts, and shapes
  • Convert even your handwritten drawings to be searchable and comparable
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Keyword Search

Search through the entire archive of historical drawings using any keyword found on the drawings, such as material, size, designers name, part name, and annotations.
  • Highlight all the keywords on the drawings
  • Tag the drawings to then make them searchable
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Similarity Search

Our patented technology identifies the shape of each part to find similar drawings across all historical drawings, including handwritten drawings from 30 years ago
  • One-click similarity search prevents the repetition of tasks previously performed
  • Locate similar, previously-purchased parts with instant pricing details
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Connect Quotation and Other Supply-Chain Data to Drawings

Upload CSV files to connect all relevant information to the associated drawings
  • Link all purchase data with drawings to enhance search capabilities
  • Easily connect ERP data, CAM, CAD, quality defect reports, spec sheets and so on automatically
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Solutions Purpose-built for
Your Department

Benefits for each department and top management.

Optimize procurement workflows and direct material costs.

  • Supplier Selection and Negotiation.
  • Supplier Consolidation.
  • Value Analysis & Value Engineering.
Case Study: Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing

Unlocking the Potential of Hidden Drawings and Purchasing Data

  • Accelerated Similar Drawing Retrieval
    CADDi Drawer enables instant access to similar drawings, streamlining design and procurement processes.
  • Optimized Supplier Selection
    By linking drawings with order data, suitable suppliers are easily identified for each part.
3 x

Faster Supplier Selection

10 %

Procurement Cost Reduction

70 %

Reduction in Time for Searching Drawings

A subway train in New York city
Achieving long-abandoned cost reductions
Case Study: Hilltop Technology Laboratory

Accelerating Company-Wide Digital Transformation with CADDi Drawer

  • Tripled Utilization of Past Drawings
    Despite high-mix production of 4,000 varieties per month, significantly reduced search time led to increased referencing of past drawings and data.
  • Improved Sales Proposal Capabilities
    Sales can create better proposals by benchmarking past quotation and order prices, and properly considering differences with similar parts.
65 %

Reduction in Time for Searching Drawings

1.5 x

Quotation Capacity

1.3 x

Faster Engineering Processes for Production

5 axis cnc impeller
Overcoming Limitations of In-House System Development
Case Study: Ebara Corporation

From “Drawing Management” to “Drawing Utilization”

  • Enabled Higher-Value Procurement Activities through Rapid Drawing Search
    CADDi Drawer reduced drawing search time from hours to seconds, enabling more productive work.
  • Enhanced Supplier Evaluation and Selection
    Easily compare prices and identify suitable suppliers by linking drawing and purchasing data.
1.4 x

Faster Supplier Selection

8 %

Procurement Cost Reduction

90 %

Reduction in Time for Searching Drawings

Pumps for power in a large plant
Achieving Optimal Procurement by Leveraging Hidden Data
Case Study: Sumitomo Riko

Enhancing Development Speed in the Face of Accelerating Global Competition

  • Early Access to Past Issues and Cost Benchmarking
    Engineers can easily obtain information on past problems and manufacturing costs linked to drawings in the early stages of product design.
  • Eliminating Person-Dependent Processes
    CADDi Drawer helped reduce reliance on individual knowledge for finding similar drawings and designing products.
30 %

Reduction in Time for Searching Drawings

1.3 x

Design Productivity

15 %

Improvement in Defect Rate

A car engine featuring many rubber hoses.
Transforming Development Processes to Create New "Value"
Assetize your drawings and supply chain data

See how CADDi Drawer can help simplify your workflows

Customer Testimonials

CADDi Drawer transformed our workflow, saving us time and boosting efficiency

Ryan Kristoffer Samin
Sales Engineer at Hilltop
Customer Testimonials

Caddi excels with an intuitive interface, powerful vector editing, and regular updates—earning accolades for enhancing digital artistry with creativity and seamless performance.

User 1
Jane Johnson
Engineering & Procurement love us!

Excellence & Innovation Awards

Fast Company 2024’s Most innovative manufacturing technology company.

From what would usually take one to two hours to complete an extensive quote brings it down to an average hour. The ease of searching using key words also makes it seamless for me to maintain positive workflow. Additionally, I really appreciate the immediate customer support provided as it allows me to adjust or easily integrate quickly with the system.

Ryan S.

"Excellent help in developing a new and streamline searching system." I enjoy the enthusiasm from the team to get all kinds of feedback positive and negative so that their interface can be maximized to the greatest potential. CADDi helps us with being able to quickly narrow in on prior works that we as a company might have taken on before or find similar pieces to that we are looking for.

Chase B.

With similarity search, we can check if costs make sense and find reusable parts, which helps us cut down on making new drawings and estimate costs better.

Tsuyoshi S.

Being able to quickly search for similar drawings among a huge collection of drawings is super handy, and it is also great that it highlights the differences between them.

Keisou I.

I typically handle design work and often find myself needing to search for drawings. In the past, looking for drawings used to take up a lot of my time because I was mostly searching on memory. However, thanks to the keyword search and similar shape search features of Drawer, I can find old drawings a lot faster. This system has definitely made me more efficient.

Hikaru K.
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