Unleash the potential of

We will realize a society in which all people involved in manufacturing can maximize their capabilities.
To this end, we will create a "new system" that will change the conventional structure of the industry.

There is a great deal of capabilities that remain unleashed in the manufacturing industry today.
People are too busy with quotation and administrative tasks, lacking sales skills, information and networks.
For various reasons, the industry is constrained and unable to fully demonstrate its true development and technological capabilities.
By releasing these restraints, we will unleash the potential of each company.
Our mission is to enrich the whole industry by creating great force.
Whether it is a small factory, a large manufacturer or a newly established startup,
all manufacturing companies will shine by utilizing their strengths, and many new values will be created.
We will continue to take on the challenge of pioneering such a future.


  1. Think Big

  2. Be Distinctive

  3. As One

  4. Uphold Integrity


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Yushiro Kato


After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Yushiro started his career at McKinsey & Company where he led the procurement and IoT practice in the manufacturing industry as an Engagement Manager. In November 2017, he founded CADDi, a manufacturing platform which automatically matches buyers and suppliers, under the mission of “Unleash the potential of manufacturing.”

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Aki Kobashi

Co-founder & CTO

Studied electrical engineering at Stanford University. After four years of building data processing systems at Lockheed Martin in coordination with NASA and JAXA, Aki joined Apple to work on mobile products including the iPhone. Later on, he worked as a senior engineer on the development of embedded products such as the Airpods. Co-founded CADDi in late 2017.








  • Riku Goto

    Head of CADDi Thailand

  • Fai Vesvijak

    Software Engineer

  • Yuya Kambayashi

    Business Manager


Riku GotoHead of CADDi THAILAND

สวัสดีครับผม ภารกิจของเราคือปลดปล่อยศักยภาพของอุตสาหกรรมการผลิต

Our mission is to "Unleash the potential of manufacturing" by connecting buyers and suppliers, leveraging auto-quote and supply-chain optimization technologies.

While we have established a strong customer and supplier base in the Japanese market, we decided to launch CADDi THAILAND to accelerate the growth of our platform and find new business opportunities.I believe that the potential of the manufacturing industry in Thailand is extremely high.

We are confident that we can achieve rapid business development through collaboration between the manufacturing industry in Thailand and CADDi.

Thailand's manufacturing industry contributes significantly to GDP, and has accelerated investment in high-tech industries and automation after the declaration of Thailand 4.0.

In particular, the development of the auto parts industry and the electronics industry is the largest in ASEAN. Thailand has a wide range of export items in a well-balanced manner, and is expected to become a world trading center in the near future.

By leveraging these advantages, we will create additional value to our platform, including unique and original product development out of Thailand.

We look forward to working with skillful engineers and business persons who are interested in experiencing the most exciting stage of our challenge and creating a new ecosystem in the biggest industry at the fast-growing start-up from Japan! ขอบคุณครับผม