AI-enabled drawing management software

AI-enabled drawing
management software

10x your procurement team with Drawer

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What is Drawer

CADDi DRAWER is a cutting-edge cloud solution that helps you make the most of your drawing data. We use a proprietary image analysis algorithm to analyze images, making it possible to search and find similar drawings easily, streamlining your processes to save you money in design, procurement, and production.
CADDi DRAWER accelerates your business's digital transformation by placing a high priority on drawing data, the most critical data in the manufacturing industry.

Are pain point examples like these impacting your business?

  • Wasted time searching for drawings

    When your drawing and order history data is disorganized, you lose time searching for drawings.

  • Significantly varying costs

    Even though the drawings appear similar, cost discrepancies can arise due to factors such as the timing of the orders and the number of parties involved.

  • Inability to standardize parts

    In situations where you cannot locate previous similar drawings, you might create new ones resulting in inconsistencies within your parts line.


  • Quickly search and reference drawings

    Easily search and reference drawings and associated data in the most efficient way.

    Reduce search time for drawings by 80% when DRAWER analyzes and digitizes your drawings.

  • Reduce material and process costs referencing similar drawings

    Referencing previous drawings and order data, you can eliminate fluctuations in order prices, leading to cost reductions.

    Reduce your overall procurement costs by 30% by leveraging data during the ordering process.



Similar Drawing Search

  • Utilizing advanced image analysis algorithms, searching drawings for similar parts is possible.
  • Based on overall characteristics, It can detects and displays drawings with similar shapes.
  • Drawing Automatic Analysis

    Automatic Drawing Analysis Shape Analysis Text Analysis

    • Digitizes text information (such as part names, materials, suppliers, etc.) within registered drawings, which then become searchable.
    • Extracted text information can be exported as an Excel file.
  • Automatically links purchase order history Information

    Automatically links purchase order history and associated information

    By performing a bulk registration of order history data in formats like CSV, it becomes possible to automatically link the data with drawings using attribute values as keys. This makes it easy to reference drawings, along with their associated order prices and supplier information.

SecurityWe continually implement the latest security measures to ensure the highest level of protection.


  • Design

    Streamline your design processes and enhance operational efficiency by referencing and standardizing your operations by searching for similar drawings.

  • Procurement

    Streamline your ordering process by searching for similar drawings. Reduce tedious tasks and make it easy for anyone on your staff to make orders.

  • Production

    Easily find drawings no matter how long ago they were made preventing manufacturing issues.

We offer end-to-end support for product implementation to utilizationProduct Support

  • Implementation

    Uploading of drawings and purchase order data



    We offer end-to-end support from product implementation to establishing internal operations.

    • Implementation support

      • Importing past data and handling initial setup on your behalf
      • Hosting customer internal quality assurance (QA) sessions
    • Utilization support

      • Monitoring product usage status.
      • Suggestions for effective utilization methods.

10x your procurement team with Drawer

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