What is Caddi

Caddi is a comprehensive collection of exercises with photo and a description of exercise more than 3500 exercises. The Exercise collection is divided into more than 60 categories, which are subdivided into functions and body areas.

Internet-based and flexible working tool

Caddi is subscription based, both for a single user or group.
There is the opportunity to put his personal stamp on the material with its own name, logo and your own instructional text.
Caddi is a flexible tool to inspire you and your target group and receiver.
With Caddi you help to influence the development of exercise session as you, the user can ask questions, suggestions and criticism by e-mail.
Caddi developed over the past 7 years by physiotherapists, photographers, programmers, web designer, etc. to the product it is today. Lab collection is an expression of dialogue and exchange that took place between users and the CaddiTeam.
Flexibility and personal touch have been some of the key words for the CaddiTeam. The material is designed to accommodate as many as possible so that you can customize the material to your audience. The requirement for the site is that it should be easy, fast and simple to use exercise material.

Application possibilities are numerous

You can use Caddi both at work and at home
You can create individual exercise programs that are ready to print and / or e-mail and ready to use.
You will be able to organize individual programs for each patient / client by adding your own text.
You can elaborate standard programs for the retraining of ex. back, knees o.s.v.
You can choose to print in black / white and in different size format.
You get a material that other colleagues have helped to inspire.

It is our goal to create a tool that all subscribers will keep active in participation that shape the website to be as broad and inspiring as possible and with as simple and flexible use as possible.
We hope you've been attracted to use the system and help in the further development of Caddi.

The CaddiTeam

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