Caddi - an Internet-based Exercise Planner

Caddi is an Internet-based exercise tool for physical therapists, occupational therapists and other health-related personnel - so easy and yet with thousands of options. It probably explains why more than half of all physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Denmark has chosen to use Caddis exercise bank in their daily work. Caddi gives you the access to a teaching tool, so you can easily plan and document the individual training and relocation services for each patient. Caddi has been translated into several languages.

Examples of exercise programs

Caddi - et internet-baseret træningsredskab for fysioterapeuter 3500 exercises, more than 60 categories and 5000 images you assemble to unique exercise and relocation programs.

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Image Bank

We are working on a module with lets you use your own pictures in programs. A module on Caddi Exercise Planner for those who want to make use of Caddi Exercise Planner even more personal and use their own materials with Caddi's exercise bank. More information to follow.

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